All You Need to Know about Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

We have one wearable accessory common to everyone, which is useful and time friendly
and it is none other than a “watch”. Especially if it’s a smartwatch with which few tasks are
much easier. Samsung was ranked no 1 as most selling mobiles in 2013 and has introduced a
smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Gear in the same year, released with Android based device.
After with very few hits, Samsung released its successor, Samsung Galaxy Gear 2.
The most significant change made to the Gear 2 from its previous iteration is the
replacement of Android with Samsung-developed Tizen operating system, with improvised
streamlined design, and added functionalities such as Samsung's S Health software and an integrated music player with a better battery life. The design of the device is refreshed with
the move of its camera from the watchband to the watch with the addition of an infrared
blaster and an optical heart rate sensor.

Besides the technicalities, both models are identical. Gear 2 has a steel exterior, while Gear
2 Neo has a plastic one, and of course the camera on Gear 2 Neo has been removed.
The processor was upgraded to a 1.0 GHz dual-core, Exynos 3250 system-on- chip. As with
Galaxy Gear, the Gear 2 has a 1.63-inch, 320 pixel-wide square-shaped Super AMOLED
touchscreen, with 512 MB of RAM, and 4 GB of internal storage. An optical heart rate sensor
is also located at the bottom of the device. Gear 2 has increased battery life over its
previous iteration, though it has got a smaller, 300 mAh battery. Likewise, the previous
iteration of the device has no charging point, but it has to be placed in a micro USB charging
The previous iteration of Galaxy Gear came with Android, but the Gear 2 runs Tizen, a Linux-
based operating system co-developed by Samsung, though users can sync notifications from
a host device and display the Gear's screen; a Smart Relay is used to open automatically
with a similar app on with their respective smartphone or tablet. “S Voice” has been used to
dictate and for voice commands with an automated voice message to answer calls and also
to locate the host phone or tablet, with a tool called “Find My Device”. We have few apps
added to Gear 2 like a Fitness app S health, WatchOn, a remote control application auto-
that finds using its infrared blaster, and a music player that can store songs in internal
A Gear Manager app is installed on the Galaxy device to find the contacts, customize the
watch straps, and download apps from Samsung Apps along with Galaxy Gear. It has the
ability to customize which apps the watch displays notifications from, upload custom
wallpaper, and perform backup.
Overall, Samsung has become one of those trend setters, which has hit the hearts of the
Gadget market! It is worthwhile to buy this new iteration of Samsung Galaxy Gear!